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Tamiko desu!

松崎 実り 
3 March 1990
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I am 17 years old.

My number one hero is Ohmiya SK. <3

My favorite Johnny's member is Tomohisa Yamashita. (Pi-chan/Yamapi) I've been a fan ever since he was little. <33 But it wasn't until he was alitte more grown up that I found out I was in love with him. I have a little obsession over him. There's nothing wrong in him that I can think of. He's practically perfect. D:

Ichiban no daisuki no arashi member is Kazunari Ninomiya. Neener <3 I love Arashi in general and that will never change...unless one of them is gay or gets a sex change. D: (aiba?) Meh I would still love them. Their music makes me go crazle thus I have every song in my iPod. My favorite songs vary often. ARASHI FOR DREAM

I like Kanjani8, they are probably the most funniest group I have ever seen when there together. My favorite Ranger is the Yellow Ranger. <3 I've been a long fan of Ryo since Ichi Ritoru no Namida which was one of the first dorama's I've watched.

News is Rabu, and I shall wait till Kusano and Uchi come back! I like everyone in it and their just so...News...you know? TEGOSHI DESU! I'm Tegoshi as a slut. Which is not as bad as it sounds D: Just his actions. Shige is HOT! xD Massu the gorilla/pig. (I feel like I'm the only one who likes massu though xP)

I love Johnny's Jr. J.J. Express, ABC, Question?, Kismai, and yayayah. TAMAMORI!! Other juniors I like below the Tamamori line are Inoo, Takaki, Shoon, Totsu, HAAASHIIIMOTTOO!! Favorites pawn. <3 I'm going back in time with J.J.Express. That's right! Favorite Juniours group!

I'm kind of indesive.Im picky though in most things. I always end up liking the people I say I hate. That's with alot of things.But first impressions count.

On my spare time I like to shop with my friend Nozo or drag my sister with me. I have few hobby's like sleeping and eating. My greatest hobby ever is stalking JE boys of course and fangirling like a madman when their cute or show skin. ;D But around that I like do normal stuff.

Watching my doramas affects me alot. I am very much influenced by the things I watch. My obession with doramas and their actors change. I am very fickle. I also end up going into different phases and try to become the characters. Yes very crazy. @__@;;

I really would one day visit or maybe live in Japan and be more familiar with it. Except how ridiculous the price range is there, I would die D: But I would like to learn how to speak and write japanese more fluently, instead of having this awkward thing going. xD I'm full Japanese, and I love my culture.

Other than that your going to have to get to know me and say your own opinion.
credit to jounins.

yourWEDDING with Tamamori Yuta is held at MASSUiance™house!
With each a s s i n g day,
I continue to hope that
Kim Jaejoong will appear
on my
doorstep, holding two red balloons.

♥ Tokyo Jr ↔ 『Fujie Kazuyori』 ♂
[HAPPY LINE] JE -> -Tamamori Yuta- -> Me. \(^-^)

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